Formula 1 – 2010 Season

I am VERY excited about the 2010 Formula 1 season!

I have always loved Formula 1 (despite its frequent seedy and murky goings on), however I can’t remember being this excited more than 2 months before the first race of the season.

First of all, we have several new teams … always good to have some unknown quantities thrown in to mix things up a bit.  All of them are using the new Cosworth engine which I have a feeling will be the best in terms of its weight and fuel efficiency (no refuelling in 2010).

Then, you have Michael Schumacher’s return to the Mercedes team (Brawn GP this year) who will obviously have a very good car.  The legend returns to race two British F1 Champs in the form of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in the McLaren team which had the most-improved car this year.  Schumacher will also be racing one of the few men to have beaten him to a World Championship title – Fernando Alonso.  Best of all, Alonso will be racing a Ferrari … and you know they aren’t going to have another bad year.  Also don’t underestimate the super-motivated Felipe Massa who is used to racing against Michael Schumacher and has developed into a driver who is certainly capable of winning the F1 title.

We should also remember that Red Bull will be back with their very good pairing of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, if they didn’t spend all their energies on this year’s car then their 2010 motor should be right up there.

It should be extremely exciting, and I imagine that is exactly what has tempted Schumacher out of retirement.  No-one has seen Schumacher race Lewis Hamilton before.  Just how good will the Ferrari and McLaren be in 2010 following the lessons learned in 2009?  Will there be in-fighting at McLaren with Lewis and Jenson?  Is it possible that Jenson can be as fast or even faster than Hamilton?!  Will Alonso dominate Massa and cruise easily to yet another World Championship title in a vastly superior Ferrari car?  Who will be the best of the new teams?  Can Schumacher’s neck take the stress of racing in F1 with slick tyres?  Anything is possible in 2010!

I can’t wait – 82 days and counting!  I have a feeling that 2010 will be one that we tell our kids about … but then I have that feeling about 2010 generally!

2010 is going to be big.

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