Predictions for 2010

For what they are worth, I thought I’d put together some predictions for 2010 – if I write them down I can’t just change my mind part of the way through the New Year and pretend I was right!

–  Upon Conservatives winning the General Election in the UK, the pound will strengthen

–  Housing markets in the UK and US will surprise to the up-side as mortgage lenders become more aggressive and competitive

–  S&P500 will hit/break through 1350 (+22% from where it is now)

–  The US Dollar will strengthen against the Euro, confounding the sceptics (my guess is to ~$1.25 to the Euro)

–  Oil will be over $90/barrel by the end of the year

–  Gold will not be >$1200 by the end of 2010

–  India will grow as fast, if not faster than China

… I am really looking forward to 2010, this year has been tough for many reasons but there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel!

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