2010 F1 Barcelona Testing Times

Here are the combined times from the last F1 test before the 2010 season gets under way. The top three teams are not very surprising, however some teams may still be playing their cards close to their chest. For example, Mercedes will not test their 2010 diffuser design until the first race two weeks from now. Perhaps they do not want others to see it and have time to copy their ideas. The surprise teams may be Williams and Sauber, especially if the Cosworth engine is more fuel-efficient and gives them a weight advantage (i.e. not having to carry as much fuel).

2.WebberRed Bull1:20.4961681:21.4871:20.496
4.SutilForce India1:20.6111601:22.6061:20.611
7.VettelRed Bull1:20.6672521:21.2581:23.1231:20.667
12.de la RosaSauber1:20.9731871:23.1441:20.973
13.LiuzziForce India1:21.0561541:24.0641:21.056
14.BuemiToro Rosso1:21.413193 1:21.413 1:22.135
15. Button McLaren 1:21.450 205 1:23.452 1:21.450
16. Alguersuari Toro Rosso 1:21.571 215 1:24.869 1:21.571
17. Petrov Renault 1:22.523 141 1:24.173 1:22.523
18. Kubica Renault 1:23.175 159 1:24.912 1:23.175
19. Trulli Lotus 1:25.059 172 1:25.524 1:25.059
20. Kovalainen Lotus 1:25.251 65 1:25.251
21. Glock Virgin 1:25.942 83 1:25.942 1:26.305
22. di Grassi Virgin 1:26.160 78 1:27.057 1:26.160
23. Fauzy Lotus 1:28.002761:28.002

The two new teams that managed to turn up to the test (Virgin and Lotus) seem around 2 seconds off the pace. It will be interesting to see whether they can make some rapid gains during the season to catch up. I suspect that Virgin may well do, but I have my doubts about Lotus as their design is obviously less sophisticated to the naked eye.

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