Lithium Sulphur Batteries

Today is a good day! A couple of friends and I have invested in a very exciting company called Oxis Energy. Based near Oxford and led by some extremely clever Russian scientists, they have been developing rechargeable Lithium Sulphur battery technology for 6/7 years already. They believe they are on the verge of proving commercially viable, dramatically superior batteries for electric vehicles (both scooters and cars). When I say superior, I mean between 2-4 times the capacity for the same weight.

This technology promises to make Lithium-Ion batteries in electric vehicles obsolete within 3-5 years. I am very excited to be involved with a company that should improve battery technology so much that electric vehicles become something nearly anyone can use. Imagine going 400-600 miles on one overnight charge! I’d save a fortune on petrol.

Other benefits of Lithium Sulphur batteries?
– Biodegradable chemistry
– Inherent safety (highly unlikely to heat up/burst into flames as some Lithium-Ion batteries have)
– No more expensive

Frost & Sullivan recently published some research on the potential of Lithium Sulphur batteries here
Wikipedia also has some good information here

If Oxis Energy can be first to market with Lithium Sulphur batteries that make sense of Electric Vehicle manufacturers, they could easily be a $billion company within the next 5 years. At that point I will probably retire to a private island and construct a sun-powered laser weapon, like in James Bond.

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