Hello! Messenger has Arrived

After a ridiculous amount of effort from the company founder, Andrew Hanhauser, the first version of Hello! Messenger is now in Apple’s iTunes store. Hello! is a universal instant messenger which will work across all main smartphone platforms like iPhone / Android and Blackberry. To the credit of the developers and Andrew’s management, the application was approved within just a few days of its first submission. I am very proud of Hello! Messenger and it is an amazing feeling to see it live in the iTunes store.

The idea behind the application is simple. We want to make a standard instant messenger that works on most smartphones and replaces the need for SMS. Hello! will allow you to find friends from your phone’s contact/address book and you can chat one-on-one or in groups. File-swapping is also in there, along with Facebook status updates and push message alerts so you still receive messages even with the application closed.

We have released two versions of the application. One is free, with advertising incorporated. Another is at the (currently reduced) price of $1.99, which has no advertising whatsoever.

The Blackberry version of Hello! should be released in the coming weeks and Android will arrive in about 2 months time. Judging by the initial response to the iPhone/iPod version, Hello! could be very popular indeed!

Do you have an iPhone / iPod? Download the first version of Hello! Messenger here!

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