Bizarre Toro Rosso F1 Accident

As the F1 circus arrived in China and completed the first day of practice, Toro Rosso & Sebastien Buemi will be making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. In the most bizarre accident I’ve seen in F1 to-date, both of the front wheels of the Toro Rosso car flew off as Buemi tried to brake from ~300kph, experiencing around 5G’s of deceleration (until the failure).

Toro Rosso Accident - Chinese F1 GP

New Design of Front Suspension Upright Fails Under 5G of Braking

Fortunately no-one was injured in what looked an extremely scary accident. The wheel tethers which are meant to stop the tyres from flying off like this were attached to the new part/s that disintegrated and so were ineffective.

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