HTC Evo 4G vs iPhone 4 vs Droid Incredible

It can only be good news for consumers. The smartphone wars are only just getting started. Finally Apple has some real competition thanks to Google’s Android OS. It is worth noting that the HTC Evo is the ONLY mobile phone with 4G capability right now. Sprint says it has sold three times as many HTC Evo’s as their previous best sellers. The waiting list for the Droid Incredible is three weeks long. There is little doubt the iPhone 4 will sell like hot cakes … but is it still the leader?

So Here is Mashable’s comparison of the three hottest smartphones available in the US today:

Full Mashable article here

… I can’t wait to see what other Android phones come out this summer. So many manufacturers are gunning for Apple, the rate of innovation will really speed up!

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