Apple – Hold Different

Well, Apple have finally done the right thing and offered all customers refunds or a free ‘bumper’ / case for their iPhone 4 to prevent the signal problems caused by the phone’s ‘cool’ antennae design. They could really have made things easier for themselves had they just admitted the issue as soon as the complaints started rolling in. Despite the admission and the free cases, Apple could not help themselves but engage in a bit of propaganda claiming that there are other smartphones which are worse than the iPhone 4. Sadly they’ve lost all credibility and absolutely no-one believes them (except for the most hardcore fanbois). All it did was provoke the likes of Nokia, HTC and Motorola to come out with press statements … all contradicting Apple.

I still think Apple and Jobs are feeling the pressure – it is getting harder and harder for them to differentiate themselves as clearly superior from the rapidly growing pack of Android phones.

It is now becoming cool to poke fun at Apple (see below). I also know of at least one young man who is changing over to Android simply because his parents have both bought iPhones … therefore no longer ‘cool’!!!

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