Flexi-Wings Gone From F1

Despite all the denials from Red Bull that they’ve ever had flexible parts on their cars and repeatedly telling everyone that ‘our wings conform with and passed all FIA tests’, their 1.5 seconds per lap advantage has disappeared this weekend and the fans can look forward to some great racing in Belgium today!

The rival team bosses seem a lot happier as well:

“All of us can see that what was visible in the last couple of races didn’t seem to be the case here,” said Mercedes team principal Brawn. “I don’t know what has happened but it looks visually to me to be different. I think everyone can see that.”

“I wasn’t that confident that it would be nailed, but we can all see the wings are in a different stiffness and positional domain than they had been in previous races – for whatever reason,” – Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren team principal

So great news for us fans, and the potential embarrassment of having points taken away or being found guilty of ‘cheating’ neatly avoided by Red Bull and Ferrari (although to a lesser degree).

I can’t wait for today’s racing – seeing the great drivers battling it out in changing conditions is going to make for great entertainment. My money is on Hamilton and Alonso will be one to watch!

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that Red Bull had their carbon fibre experts with them at the track in Belgium, which is highly unusual as they’d normally be working flat-out in their factory. It therefore seems obvious that they were concerned about conforming with the new tests and had probably brought new ‘stiffer’ wing designs, despite denying it.

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