Samsung Galaxy Tab Takes it to Apple

Dear Apple, are you paying attention? History is starting to repeat itself and you are apparently doing nothing except believing your own hype. The iPhone 4 was a damp squib, Apple TV has less support than Google TV and the music labels can’t wait for Google Music so they can stop tolerating your obsession for control and negotiate with someone else who can make online music really work. You’re quickly being left with nothing but your ‘designer’ brand … and we know how fickle fashion is.

Case in point, your supplier, Samsung (the people you buy your iPhone/iPod and iPad chips from) has made a tablet that is better and probably cheaper than the iPad. It looks like it will fit in a large pocket, it has cameras, it runs Swype which makes typing on a screen actually faster than a keyboard … and, yes … it runs Flash, making ALL Web content a pleasure to use. Apple, pay attention here, there is quite a lot of FREE Web content out there and people know it.

Soon there will be dozens of iPad rivals, and if mobile phones are anything to go by, they will start to dramatically outsell the iPad. Much like IBM-compatible PCs and the first Macs!!!!

So come on Apple, release iOS so that other manufacturers can run it, allow Adobe to push Flash on your devices and stop condemning yourself to be a niche player in a market you helped create …. again!!

UPDATE (21/09/2010) – Another new Samsung Galaxy Tab advert:

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