127 Hours

During a day hike in Blue John Canyon near Moab, Utah, an 800-pound boulder pinned Aron Ralston’s right forearm to the canyon wall, crushing it. A rescue was unlikely because he had neglected to inform anyone of his whereabouts. After five days of trying to lift and break the boulder, a dehydrated and delirious Ralston bowed his arm and snapped the radius and ulna bones. Using the dull blade on a multi-use tool, he cut the soft tissue around the break. He then used the tool’s pliers to tear at the tougher tendons.

After applying a tourniquet, Ralston rappelled 75 feet to freedom. After he was rescued, his arm was retrieved by park authorities and removed from under the boulder. It was cremated and given to Ralston, who returned to the boulder and left the ashes there.

Now his amazing story has been made into a movie, due to be in cinemas in January 2011 …

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