Super Yacht Katara

Launched very recently in April 2010, the super yacht “Katara” arrived today in Monaco on a very cold and miserable afternoon! Katara flies the Qatari flag and so we can assume it is owned by one of their Royal Family members. The yacht, built by Lürssen, measures 124.4 metres or 408 feet long. This makes it probably the 10th biggest super yacht in the world today.

Katara Super Yacht

What brings you to Monaco?

It is a strange time of year for massive boats like this to be arriving in Monaco, however the ties between Monaco and Qatar appear to be growing closer – possibly due to their rumoured stake in SBM (Société des Bains de Mer) which owns the majority of hotels here, as well as the casinos. I’m sure they wouldn’t have travelled all the way to freezing Europe for anything other than important business!

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