Tatra MTX V8

Kanye West made an interesting choice of vehicle during the introduction sequence to his film-length music video called ‘Runaway’. Despite the words being rapped referring to several different Lamborghini models, Kanye was seen driving a very rare sports car called a Tatra MTX V8. I’d never seen this car before his video! The Tatra MTX V8 was actually designed and built in communist Czechoslovakia in 1993. The more powerful 4.0 litre version delivered around 300bhp of power, delivering a 0-60 time of ~5seconds and a top speed of 150-160mph.

You can see a short video of a car very much like the one Kanye drove below ….

The Tatra MTX’s V8 engine sounds fantastic! The design is obviously somewhat copied from other manufacturer’s cars of the same era, it would be interesting to know how the car performs around a race track or whether it is more for show than fast driving.

According to a handful of sources on the Web, there may only be 4 examples of this car in the world today. Which would explain the choice for a music video. All supercars are easily accessible by rappers these days, so the hunt for exclusivity has pushed people like Kanye to move far away from the normal manufacturers.

Tatra today appears to be mainly focussed on building trucks, fire engines, etc..

You can see the black Tatra MTX V8 in Kayne’s video below (the whole video is over 30 minutes long, however the car appears at the beginning!)…

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