Shayton Equilibrium Hypercar

If you’ve got a spare €million, there’s a new and extremely rare ‘hypercar’ available for you to stand out from the crowd of common-as-muck Bugatti Veyrons and similar. The Shayton Equilibrium will have in excess of 1000bhp and in my opinion, absolutely stunning design. Its like a Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Murciélago had a child together … very beautiful indeed.

Target performance figures are as follows:

Top Speed: 400+ km/h (249+ mph)
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph): 3.1 seconds
0-200 km/h: 8.9 sec.
0-200-0 mph: 13.7 sec
Braking distance: 30.5m (100-0 km/h)
Lateral G-force: 1.6 G
Weight-to-power ratio: 1.42 kg/hp
Power: 1084 bhp
Torque: 930 Nm at 5000 rpm
Weight: 1200kg
Weight distribution in driving condition: 47%
front, 53% rear
Downforce at 300 kph: 750 kg

The problem is going to be how usable this car is. No-one will buy a €1million car that is impossible to show off!

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