2011 F1 Barcelona Testing Times

The F1 testing at Barcelona finished today, giving us a slightly clearer picture of the relative performance of the different cars and the new Pirelli tyres. In 2010, the fastest lap was a 1min20.4sec time set by Lewis Hamilton. The new Pirelli tyres appear to have significantly less grip, as well as much faster degradation. The fastest time set by Massa today was over 2 seconds slower than 2010. Part of this may be due to restrictions regarding the rear diffusers, however the cars have KERS this year, as well as an adjustable rear flap to reduce drag on the straights.

Red Bull probably start the year as favourites, given their consistent pace throughout the test as well as large number of laps completed proving their cars’ reliability. Ferrari are also right up there, albeit possibly slightly off the pace of Red Bull. McLaren look like they have problems, especially when the car is driven by Lewis Hamilton – he can’t seem to get used to the new tyres. It might be a really tough year for him! Some of the drivers who had trouble qualifying in 2010 appear to like the Pirelli tyres and could do well in 2011. For example, Massa and Button.

Best times for each driver are below:

Date Driver Team Time Gap
21-Feb Massa Ferrari 1:22.625 126.030 mph
20-Feb Rosberg Mercedes 1:23.168 0.543
19-Feb Vettel Red Bull 1:23.315 0.690
21-Feb Webber Red Bull 1:23.442 0.817
20-Feb Petrov Lotus Renault GP 1:23.463 0.838
19-Feb Alguersuari Toro Rosso 1:23.519 0.894
21-Feb Buemi Toro Rosso 1:23.550 0.925
21-Feb Heidfeld Lotus Renault GP 1:23.657 1.032
20-Feb Hamilton McLaren 1:23.858 1.233
19-Feb Alonso Ferrari 1:23.978 1.353
19-Feb Barrichello Williams 1:24.008 1.383
21-Feb Maldonado Williams 1:24.057 1.432
21-Feb Sutil Force India 1:24.177 1.552
19-Feb Kobayashi Sauber 1:24.243 1.618
21-Feb Perez Sauber 1:24.515 1.890
19-Feb Button McLaren 1:24.923 2.298
19-Feb Di Resta Force India 1:25.194 2.569
20-Feb Trulli Team Lotus 1:25.454 2.829
19-Feb Kovalainen Team Lotus 1:26.421 3.796
21-Feb D’Ambrosio Virgin 1:26.501 3.876
20-Feb Glock Virgin 1:26.598 3.973
19-Feb Liuzzi Hispania 1:27.044 4.419
21-Feb Schumacher Mercedes 1:27.079 4.454
20-Feb Mondini Hispania 1:28.178 5.553
20-Feb Ricciardo Toro Rosso 1:28.329 5.704
18-Feb Karthikeyan Hispania 1:28.393 5.768
19-Feb Teixeira Team Lotus 1:31.584 8.959

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