Top 20 Web Brands in UK

It is amazing how much the Web marketplace can change in just 7 years. Below are the current and past top 20 Web brands in the UK. Some notable appearances in the past 7 years are Youtube, Facebook, Wikipedia and Paypal, while some big names disappearing from the list were Freeserve, Ask Jeaves, Tiscali and Lycos. Freeserve were once the biggest ISP in the UK and were later bought by Orange. Neither brand has made the top 20 this year. Google is probably single-handedly responsible for the removal of Multimap, Ask Jeaves and Lycos.

Rank January 2011 January 2004
1 Google MSN
2 MSN/Windows Live/Bing Microsoft
3 Facebook Google
4 Yahoo! Yahoo!
6 Microsoft eBay
7 Amazon Freeserve
8 YouTube Amazon
9 eBay AOL
10 Wikipedia Ask Jeeves
11 Apple Real
12 Ask Search Network BT Openworld
13 Argos Apple
14 Associated Newspapers Kelkoo
15 Sky Portal
16 Blogger Tiscali
17 Tesco Tesco
18 AOL Media Network Lycos Network
19 Paypal NTL World

With the smartphone now outselling PCs, it will be interesting to see how the Web brands are different 7 years from now! I can’t see anything moving Google from the top spot.

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