Poke the Box

“What would our world look like if more people started projects, made a ruckus, and took risks?”

This is the question that Seth Godin asks in his new book ‘Poke the Box’. It isn’t a lengthy read, it doesn’t have to be. It simply challenges us to realise that most of us are coasting and playing safe, reluctant to take risks or draw attention to ourselves for fear of failure or being mocked. Most of us are programmed to fit in, to play safe and stay within the guidelines. However what we all should be doing is taking the initiative, even if we get knocked back or fail.

Poke the Box

Seth rightly points out that some of the World’s greatest companies would have never existed had their founders had not started, failed and then tried again. For example, the first Starbucks sold coffee beans and not cups of coffee. It wasn’t doing well so they changed strategy. Had they not been willing to trial and fail, the company would have never existed.

Many people think about taking action and getting started on something new or a personal project. Sadly a very tiny percentage even bother to try. If we were all programmed to push the boundaries, if we were not conditioned to try to avoid failure, if those that take risks were applauded by a society that was happy to see people succeed, the world would be a totally different & richer place.

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