$10,000 Investment For Most +1’s on Google+

I really love how responsive Google+ is and want to see if I can use it for ‘crowd sourcing’ an Angel investment. If it works, I might try it regularly!

If you have a start-up idea, make a public post pitching it to everyone on Google+ … make sure you tag me (@Alistair Milne – https://plus.google.com/100459772616114179877) so I am aware of your post and can re-share with my network. This should be written like an executive summary, ideally with links to further information should people be interested. This is your pitch, so make it good. You will be judged by the Google+ ‘crowd’ and not me!

I commit to enter negotiations to invest $10,000 in the start-up idea posted on Google+ with the most +1’s … simple as that! I will count the number of +1s on 15th August @ 12pm CET.


– Your start-up must be Web based and less than 12 months old (it can be just anything from an idea to a recently formed company)
– Your G+ pitch gets more than 100 +1’s
– The ‘winning’ pitch and I enter negotiations in good faith and either can walk away at any time
– I may share the $10,000 investment with other parties should I choose to
– I may disqualify entries should I feel they are trying to ‘game’ the competition (e.g. using fake accounts to +1, etc.)

The sooner you write a pitch and post it, the better chance you have … so what are you waiting for?!

4 Responses to “$10,000 Investment For Most +1’s on Google+”

  1. Thank you so much for doing this. It is quite the experiment. I posted on Google+ my company and idea called Kouch Crumbs. Hopefully it will go far. Good luck to everyone.

  2. Awesome idea. I submitted one of my “secondary” ideas, but if it’s popular then that’s a great indication that I should go through with it!

  3. Interesting. I wonder what you’ll think of mine. Not so much looking for an investment of money as an investment of time. I need a mentor.


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