£200,000 Startup Competition

Thanks to Orange, UK entrepreneurs have a new chance to win ~£200,000 worth of help – including some cash investment – to get their business off the ground and on to a flying start. The prize, valued at £200,000, includes advice and mentoring, marketing consultancy, legal advice, mobile devices and plans from Orange as well as some investment capital. 

Anyone can enter, so long as you are attempting something truely worthwhile and a bit different from normal startups.

Orange’s Win Your Business competition is looking for entrepreneurs to submit their applications if they fulfil some of the following criteria:

•  a business or project that is different

•  a different approach to running the business

•  a robust business model

•  a clear strategy for the project/business

•  evidence of a market for the project/business

•  a pitch that demonstrates the applicant has the necessary skills to succeed

•  an idea that is worth funding and could be the UK’s next different business

The winner will surely have a great chance of building a sustainable business. Cash is just one problem entrepreneurs face when creating a new company. The advice available should guide someone through many of the common pitfalls and problems.

If you have a Different Business model, why not register and apply for the competition … look what’s on offer:

•  business planning advice and mentoring from Kingston Smith

•  mobile communications devices and plans from Orange

•  marketing consultancy from Publicis Chemistry

•  legal advice from Lewis Silkin

•  investment capital

To enter the competition, simply click on of the links above or go directly to http://www.winyourbusiness.com … make sure you read the entry guidelines and then register to get started! Nothing ventured, nothing gained … it really is worth your time to enter!

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