Oxis Energy Raises £15million

In what is an amazing turnaround for Oxis Energy, the company has recently announced that Sasol – a South African petrochemical group – will invest fifteen million pounds & acquire a significant stake in the next-generation battery technology company. You can read the official announcement here: http://www.oxisenergy.com/downloads/sasol_OXIS.pdf

Less than 30 months ago, I was part of a group of investors who helped save Oxis from bankruptcy. In a very short space of time the business is now valued at circa £48million after the investment. This is obviously great news for all investors, but also for the Oxis technology which could truly change the face of electric vehicles and other applications for rechargeable batteries. This achievement is a great credit to the management team.

Oxis Energy’s CEO Huw Hampson-Jones says in the official press release: “Over the last two years, it has become apparent to me that the European and North American energy companies lack the understanding of the significance of the OXIS Energy technological breakthrough, and its impact on the future method of propelling vehicles and energy storage”.

If this is true, then Sasol has stolen a march on a large number of industry players who you would expect to be at the forefront of new battery technology. Oxis currently has 26 patents granted with another 32 pending. Their Lithium-Sulphur battery technology promises 4-5 times the capacity of current rechargeable batteries – allowing for smaller battery packs, less weight and better range.

So the future of Oxis Energy is now secure, with a new powerful partner on board and many other influential investors. As soon as Oxis starts shipping their products in 2013, the World will hopefully sit up and notice. No more range anxiety, far better safety, less toxic construction … just 3 reasons why Electric Vehicles will begin to replace their fossil-fuelled powered brethren if/when they are powered by Oxis batteries.

A £billion company in the making? We’ll know in 2-3 years!

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