Does Red Bull Have a Form of Traction Control?

Webber's Traction Control?

Formula 1 fans love a conspiracy theory, and today’s is that Red Bull’s dominant form at the two recent slower-speed tracks could be due to some form of traction control … exhibit A being the photograph above.

Traction control has been banned in F1 for many years now, and more recently Red Bull were forced to change their engine mapping which reduced the power output of the engine at slower speeds, even if the driver had their foot to the floor (thus improving traction). Having lost that advantage is does seem plausible that Red Bull seek those improvements elsewhere.

So what are the possible explanations for the staggered tyre tracks laid down by Mark Webber as he floored the throttle following a contact with another race car?

– It could be an irregular track surface which caused the car to bounce
– Hitting the rev-limiter
– Illegal traction control
– Another? Please comment!

What seems certain is that is does seem to be due to mechanical/electronic influence, my best guess is Mark Webber hit his rev-limiter following a minor accident as he was distracted and angry. Having said that, if a car had hit its rev-limiter it would no longer be accelerating and so would not be leaving tyre marks? It will be fascinating to discover the real reason.

I am sure Red Bull will soon react to the latest cheating allegations, or the FIA will announce they are investigating.

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