‘Old Man’ advice for the newly Bitcoin/crypto rich …

These were by far my most popular series of tweets on Twitter (over >1 million impressions).

They were published the day after the most recent Bitcoin all-time high of ~$19800 in December 2017

‘Old man’ advice for the newly Bitcoin/crypto rich …. 1/14

If selling around 10-20% of your portfolio of crypto-assets would give you life-altering money, please consider it seriously 2/14

Life is a marathon of ups & downs, not a sprint. Always think about downsides and protect yourself … for the future you’s sake 3/14

If you’ve been in Bitcoin/others for >12 months and still have debt, you’re being reckless. Pay it off. 4/14

It is boring, but buying a property should give you peace of mind for life … i.e. it is priceless security. If you can, do it. Be ultra-conservative about any borrowing 5/14

Another ‘boring’ idea is to have ~1 year of overheads in the bank … especially if you are a trader or running a startup 6/14

Securing yourself allows you to continue to take risks in life and pursue things that truly excite you. You will be liberated to consider possibilities & options that others can’t 7/14

If you are a trader, trading from a position of strength will make you better 8/14

Bitcoin may go to $50k, but that doesn’t matter – you will never regret setting yourself up for life 9/14

Enjoy yourself, but try to avoid large displays of wealth. No reason to paint a target on your back or attract the wrong kinds of people 10/14

Avoid believing that your wealth makes you extremely smart. It doesn’t. Stay grounded, remember where you started and treat everyone as equals 11/14

If investing outside of crypto for the first time, be extremely cautious and conservative until you build up knowledge & experience 12/14

Invest in yourself (your health, knowledge, etc.) Your health is your most valuable asset 13/14

Remember to give to those less fortunate than you 14/14

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