1 Bitcoin Giveaway

The private keys to the 1BTC wallet at: 3HX5tttedDehKWTTGpxaPAbo157fnjn89s were generated from a 12-word mnemonic seed

Over the next ~30 days I will be releasing the words (or a clue to a word) on my various social media pages:


At certain points I will lock some of my social media accounts to give early followers the best chance of finding all seed words.

To try to prevent brute forcing, I may give the last 3/4 words all at once

First step: find a wallet that accepts a 12-word seed to restore a wallet … blink and you’ll miss it!

Good luck!

One Response to “1 Bitcoin Giveaway”

  1. Great giveaway, subbed to all socials 🙂

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