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Turbocharging Bitcoin

NOTE:  The following was written specifically for a non-technical audience with a very superficial knowledge of Bitcoin If Bitcoin were a company, it would have been shut down. Satoshi Nakamoto, its inventor, probably would be incarcerated or on the run. However, Bitcoin is not a company. It is an ownerless entity, living on the Internet […]

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My Analysis of the Bitfinex Pitch

Full disclosure: I created the BFX Trust to help larger Bitfinex creditors convert to equity as I believe that adversity & misfortune often present golden investment opportunities. I do not work for, nor am I paid by Bitfinex. My actions are independent and based on my own judgement and desire to see the whole Bitcoin […]

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Bitcoin – The Non-Systemic Asset

By 2020, Global assets under management (i.e. directly within the financial system) will exceed $102 Trillion.  Roughly one third of this figure will be pension funds alone. As illustrated in 2008/09, the financial system is intertwined with such complexity that knock on effects are nearly impossible to predict.  Movements in ‘fair value’ of assets can swing with […]

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Cyber crime

Why Bitcoin’s Illicit Image is Temporary

Until fairly recently, most media attention on Bitcoin has centered around its use on the Dark Web, thefts/hacking/blackmail and generally painted a picture that it is somehow in itself illicit and ‘dirty money’.  Many well-educated people still believe those interested in Bitcoin must be involved in something of questionable morality. Last week I was in […]

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