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My son’s Denarium Bitcoin

The plan is to give this to my son when he turns 18 (in ~15.5 years!) Will be fascinating to see what it is worth in 2032! The coin is one of 100 produced by Denarium – Bitcoin address: 1AzmnauEdrTZbhrE7z3o4JPe2bTJKMXLyv UPDATE:  A very kind stranger tipped my son about $1 yesterday! Thank you so much!

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Christmas in Monaco

It is easy to take wherever you live for granted. I am not sure why, but this year I am feeling particularly lucky for being able to live in Monaco. Until the last couple of days the temperature has always been in the double digits, it has been dry with spectacular views of the Mediterranean. […]

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Noisy Drobo FS Power Adaptor

Drobo make fantastic products, allowing the use of old and unwanted hard drives to create a large and reliable backup or shared drive without fear that a drive might fail. Essentially it enables RAID protection on drives of mixed sizes and speeds. Should one drive fail, simply pull it out and put in another. The […]

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