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Why Bitcoin’s Illicit Image is Temporary

Until fairly recently, most media attention on Bitcoin has centered around its use on the Dark Web, thefts/hacking/blackmail and generally painted a picture that it is somehow in itself illicit and ‘dirty money’. ┬áMany well-educated people still believe those interested in Bitcoin must be involved in something of questionable morality. Last week I was in […]

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What is 21 Inc Developing?

21 Inc ( continues to be in stealth mode, despite its record breaking $116million in financing which makes it the best-funded Bitcoin startup we know about. The most detailed explanation of what they are working on came from 21’s co-founder┬áBalaji Srinivasan who stated they will build the equivalent of “56-KB Internet modems, international fiber cables, […]

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Bitcoin: We Are Here

This all feels so familiar. A new technology, huge media attention, hysteria … followed by a price collapse and the majority saying ‘this is the end’. Let us consider Amazon. Floated in 1997 at ~$2. One year later, the price peaked at nearly $17. Even with stock splits, Amazon’s price per share reached a peak […]

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