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France Begins to Drag Europe Down

Many commentators have today written about how the rate of decline in the Eurozone has accelerated, with activity in manufacturing, services & output data all reaching 3 or 4 month lows. However, few are singling out France which is now in a steepening decline not seen since the peak of the 2009 crash. Its economic […]

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What Doesn’t Kill the Euro …

… might make it stronger?! Many are predicting the death of the Euro. Many ‘experts’ say it is impossible for the 17 member nations to agree anything in time to save the single currency and avoid the catastrophic knock-on consequences for the Euro region and the World. I’m always an optimist, but just can’t agree […]

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99% Smartphone Growth in Western Europe

Shipments of smartphones in Western Europe in the fourth quarter of 2010 increased to 25.6 million units from 12.8 million, 99.4% higher than in 4Q09. Smartphone sales now represent 44% of total mobile shipments. Feature phone shipments declined to 33.1 million units 24.8% down compared with the previous year. Apple and Research in Motion both […]

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