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Gold vs Silver

If you had some money you wanted to keep safe from forex movements and perhaps speculate on some inflation coming around the corner after all the quantitative easing going on, which would you buy? Gold or Silver ….

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Silver: The Elephant in the Room?

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Gold and its potential price performance going forward. Some are absolutely convinced that today’s record ever price of ~$1200 per oz. is nothing at it could reach $2000 due to hyper inflation and currency uncertainties. Being a natural contrarian, I’ve stayed away from investing in Gold. Unlike […]

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What is an ETF?

ETF stands for ‘exchange traded fund’, which is an investment fund listed like a stock on the main international exchanges around the world. ETFs are typically created to allow investors to trade securities which are either difficult or expensive for retail investors to do themselves. ETFs may contain shares, bonds, commodities or a combination of […]

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