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7 G+ Pitches for $10,000 Investment So Far

So far, a total of 7 pitches have been publicly posted on Google+ hoping to secure the most +1s and my $10,000 investment. Here is a list: Bread Crumbs – Chris Stone – use your phone and Bluetooth to find important lost items A Space Apart – Chris Courtney – using existing social networks to […]

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$10,000 Investment For Most +1’s on Google+

I really love how responsive Google+ is and want to see if I can use it for ‘crowd sourcing’ an Angel investment. If it works, I might try it regularly! If you have a start-up idea, make a public post pitching it to everyone on Google+ … make sure you tag me (@Alistair Milne – […]

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Why Facebook Should be Afraid

So Facebook’s ‘awesome’ announcement of Skype integration and video calling for all Facebook users came and went. The mass-media promptly and lazily concluded that Facebook has successfully countered Google+’s main advantage and that Facebook will remain the social networking champion of the world forever. They are, as usual, completely missing the point and subscribing to […]

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