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Monaco 4th Most Expensive Property Market

A lot of people (including so-called ‘experts’) believe that Monaco’s property prices are the highest in the world. I’ve said for a long time that this simply isn’t true – something now confirmed by Financial News who conducted a survey of the top real estate agencies worldwide. In first place is Severn Road in Hong […]

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2010 Monaco F1 Grand Prix

For years, the Monaco F1 Grand Prix has been all about qualifying. Modern F1 cars simply cannot overtake around the streets of Monte-Carlo unless a competitor has a big problem. Tomorrow’s qualification battle will be immense as the advantage the top teams have over the rest of the field will be largely removed. In Monaco, […]

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Spyker C8 Aileron

It is not often I see a sports car in/around Monaco and I don’t know what make of car it is, however last Thursday was one of those rare occasions. I had to have a look at the car’s badge before I knew. It turns out that Autocar magazine were test driving the Spyker C8 […]

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