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Google Buys Motorola = Genius

I’ve just read the news that Google has agreed to buy Motorola Mobility for $40 per share in cash, totalling around $12.5billion. This is an absolutely genius move by Google and pulls the rug out from under Apple and Microsoft who have been aggressively targeting anyone that manufactures Android devices. Firstly, there is the price. […]

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Apple Lower Themselves

The Apple iPad 2 announcement was preceded by a long video which exalted its benefit to society and more pathetically, spent time digging into the competition. One slide branded 2011 as the ‘year of the copycat’ and another mocked the Android app store figures. Apple are doing themselves a disservice here. It is bad enough […]

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43% of Smartphones Are Now Android

As I and many others predicted, Android continues its march upward to become the biggest smartphone OS in the world. 33 million Android smartphones were shipped in the 4th quarter of 2010, larger than any other platform – even Nokia. This has sparked Nokia to review their strategy and I would not be surprised if […]

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