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Reviewing my 2010 Predictions

Here’s a review of my 2010 predictions, made in Dec 2009: – Upon Conservatives winning the General Election in the UK, the pound will strengthen * Partially right, we have a Conservative-led coalition instead – Housing markets in the UK and US will surprise to the up-side as mortgage lenders become more aggressive and competitive […]

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Some 2010 Performance Figures

Some 2010 Performance Highlights DOW +11% GOLD +29% S&P 500 +13% SILVER +82% NASDAQ +17% PALLADIUM +94% CHIP STKS. +14% COPPER +32% EUR. STKS. +9% USD/CHF -10% CAT +64% USD/YEN -13% USD/EURO +7% AIG +93% OIL +15% NAT. GAS -20% It seems obvious from the above that the smart money was in Silver, Palladium and […]

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Dubai Discovers Some More Oil

Today it was announced that a new, off-shore, oil field has been discovered in the Emirate of Dubai. The ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashed al-Maktoum, “heralds the good news to the people of the United Arab Emirates that a new off-shore oil field has been discovered in Dubai,” a government statement said. It is […]

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