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Monaco 4th Most Expensive Property Market

A lot of people (including so-called ‘experts’) believe that Monaco’s property prices are the highest in the world. I’ve said for a long time that this simply isn’t true – something now confirmed by Financial News who conducted a survey of the top real estate agencies worldwide. In first place is Severn Road in Hong […]

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Dubai Discovers Some More Oil

Today it was announced that a new, off-shore, oil field has been discovered in the Emirate of Dubai. The ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashed al-Maktoum, “heralds the good news to the people of the United Arab Emirates that a new off-shore oil field has been discovered in Dubai,” a government statement said. It is […]

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Pondering Dubai

In the many years I have travelled to Dubai, I have always felt that the place was a bit like Marmite.  You either love it, or hate it … few seem indifferent about the place.  4/5 years ago I certainly loved Dubai, every single person in the Emirate was excited about its future, the service […]

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