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Google Nexus S This Month

Google has finally revealed the full specs of its ‘Nexus S’ smartphone, manufactured by Samsung. It should start shipping on 16th December in the US and 20th December in the UK. The phone looks very nice indeed, and has some unique features not available in the market today. You can find out more and sign […]

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Google’s Nexus S

Well done to Engadget for getting the first pictures of Google & Samsung’s joint venture on a new ‘pure’ Android phone … the Nexus S. Photos of the handset which is quite similar to an iPhone 3GS can be found here According to multiple reports, the Nexus S runs Gingerbread (Android 2.3), sports a 4-inch […]

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Sony is Google’s New Best Friend

When Google first presented Froyo (Android 2.2) to the world, and then Google TV, I was impressed to see Sony had already partnered with Google to include Google TV inside some of its TVs. Sony is a powerhouse when it comes to home entertainment products and knows a thing or two about stylish design. They […]

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