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2010 Monaco F1 Grand Prix

For years, the Monaco F1 Grand Prix has been all about qualifying. Modern F1 cars simply cannot overtake around the streets of Monte-Carlo unless a competitor has a big problem. Tomorrow’s qualification battle will be immense as the advantage the top teams have over the rest of the field will be largely removed. In Monaco, […]

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First Blood to Alonso

Well, that was an anti-climax! The anticipation of the first 2010 F1 race in Bahrain had me over-excited and eager for the start of one of the best ever F1 seasons. Sadly, the new rules seem to have backfired badly. Drivers were paranoid about saving their tyres, saving fuel, etc. and over-taking appeared nearly impossible […]

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Formula 1 – 2010 Season

I am VERY excited about the 2010 Formula 1 season! I have always loved Formula 1 (despite its frequent seedy and murky goings on), however I can’t remember being this excited more than 2 months before the first race of the season. First of all, we have several new teams … always good to have some unknown […]

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