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Reviewing my 2010 Predictions

Here’s a review of my 2010 predictions, made in Dec 2009: – Upon Conservatives winning the General Election in the UK, the pound will strengthen * Partially right, we have a Conservative-led coalition instead – Housing markets in the UK and US will surprise to the up-side as mortgage lenders become more aggressive and competitive […]

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Stock Market Recovery

The S&P500, currently at around 1255, has finally returned to levels last seen before the collapse of Lehman Brothers triggered a huge stock market crash and global recession. This is something few people are talking about as the media appears to still be obsessed with talking about how miserable everything is! We’re back to the […]

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Berkshire Hathaway in S&P500

Warren Buffett’s company ,Berkshire Hathaway, has finally been elected to enter the S&P500, causing at least a short term uplift in the stock price as index funds (with cumulative assets of over $1trillion) scramble to buy around 6-7% of the company so they can reflect the complete index. According to some reports, in after-hours trading […]

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