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UK Government to Sell RBS Shares

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will announce its full-year 2010 results this Thursday, 24th February. It is expected that to coincide with this, Stephen Hester will announce that the British Government may begin to offload its 83% shareholding in the banking group sometime this year. The results are still expected to show a small […]

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RBS Back in Black!

Shock, horror! One of the world’s biggest banks, RBS, has made a profit! Before exceptional tax charges the bank reported a profit for the first half of this year of £1.1billion. A figure made even more impressive considering the fact that they are disposing of non-core assets as well as de-leveraging their entire business. I […]

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RBS Results

RBS announced its full-year 2009 results today which were significantly better than expected by the consensus opinion. They lost £3.6billion vs the average view that they would lose £5billion. This may still sound awful, but underneath the headline figures it is obvious that significant improvements are being made. Stephen Hester has also made the bold […]

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