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Reviewing my 2010 Predictions

Here’s a review of my 2010 predictions, made in Dec 2009: – Upon Conservatives winning the General Election in the UK, the pound will strengthen * Partially right, we have a Conservative-led coalition instead – Housing markets in the UK and US will surprise to the up-side as mortgage lenders become more aggressive and competitive […]

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UK Economy Grows 0.8% in Q3

UK Preliminary Q3 GDP +0.8% Quarter on Quarter, +2.8% Year on Year, Highest Year on Year growth since Q3 2007 (Forecast was +0.4% Q on Q, +2.4% Y on Y) UK Q3 breakdown: SERVICE SECTOR OUTPUT +0.6% Q on Q, +2.1% Y on Y, INDUSTRY +0.6% Q on Q, +3.4% Y on Y, CONSTRUCTION +4.0% […]

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UK GDP Actually Revised DOWN

While Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling spin the numbers announced today saying that we’re emerging from recession faster than we first thought (original estimates for UK Q4 2009 GDP were +0.1%), in real terms the revised numbers showed that the UK was worse off. The headline figure is that Q4 GDP was actually +0.3%, however […]

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